Well, hello there

I'm glad we meet at such an important point in your life.

I’m Bernadett - or just Betti - founder of mellow MUSES. Mummy of two, self-care devotee, fascinated by nature’s intelligence and its regenerative powers.

I studied economics and was deep in building a traditional career in international product innovation until the arrival of my first child changed everything. And then one thing led to another.

Every pregnancy is different, but there is something that connects all of us going through this experience. Many things will never be the same‌, including our skin(care).

More than belly butter

During my pregnancy, I observed hormonally-led changes on my skin with shifts between dry and oily during the trimesters. Scents I used to enjoy started overwhelming me. I’ve researched skincare products recommended during pregnancy and realized that very little attention was paid to our more complex, physical AND emotional needs in this period. Pregnancy skincare should be so much more than a belly butter.

As a member of a mom group, I talked with over 100 moms from all around the world and most of us were facing the same problems. There wasn’t an obvious pattern, except our skins becoming more sensitive and less predictable, with additional flaky spots or acne. And the majority said: ‘Let’s just get through it.’

That didn’t feel right to me.

I was looking at how to embrace skin mindfulness and celebrate this unique life experience.

A pleasure, not a chore

Inspired by my muses, my close group of mums, I was passionate about creating a smart and elegant self-caring routine that focuses on skin imbalances regardless of the climate, season or skin type. So whenever hormones trigger changes to the skin, instead of harsh treatments, I wanted to support the skin’s self-regulation to keep a balanced skin flora, skin lipid profile and a healthy protective skin barrier.

I received my diploma in Advanced Organic Skincare Formulation in 2020. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nina Kocevar Glavac, mastermind of natural cosmetic ingredients, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences and the co-author of Modern Cosmetics, I’ve created completely new skincare products, dedicated to bring you back in balance: inside and out.

For almost two years, I was gathering feedback from pregnant and experienced moms, until we got to a morning and evening routine that worked like a charm. They encouraged me ‌‌to present them to the world.

And here we are. I am beyond happy to honor also your delicate skin and soul with the muse-experience.

"Once a muse, always a muse"

(a mellow MUSE)