Mellow MUSES is a tribute to the resilience, beauty, and grace of us women, as we navigate our unique, multifaceted journey throughout life.

It is a collection of smart, safe, and highly effective natural cosmetics, purposefully crafted to cater to your ever-changing needs, and enhance your skin's health and well-being.

Elevating your skincare

More than just functional, our products are designed to be an eagerly anticipated experience. From rich velvety textures to the comforting aroma of natural vanilla, using Mellow MUSES is a daily act of self-indulgence. With three complementing steps, we offer the optimal morning and evening ritual for your ultimate self-care.

Experience the difference

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Let us handle the science, and you enjoy the results

Balance for your skin

As your body undergoes its natural changes, your skin's demands vary in tune with hormonal fluctuations. It does not adhere to a predefined category; one day it produces excess oil, then suddenly becomes drier and dull, more sensitive, with a weakened barrier and self-protection. To be on the spot for YOUR unique skin journey, we created an intelligent skincare strategy, always guiding your skin toward its delicate balance.

How? With science and precision

Your skin is always thriving on the harmony of essential ingredients. It's not a matter of applying a bit (or a lot) of everything and expecting perfection. In a world of "more is more", the secret to your skin's long-term well-being lies in the finesse of smart dosing the right active ingredients and avoiding unnecessary disruptions.

  • We say NO to

    • hormone disruptors
    • alcohol, parfum, essential oils and their allergens
    • petrochemicals, silicones, PEGs
  • We say YES to

    • balanced skin sebum
    • healthy skin microbiome
    • high-performing, patented, biodegradable ingredients
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There is the active, niacinamide; scientifically proven to support your skin barrier, but if dosed too high, it can sensitize your skin.

The same with humectants – excessive or not suitable choices can lead to more wrinkles or inflammation in the long run.

And remember, no skin is truly happy without oils. But it craves the combination of the right oils for a balanced fatty acid to maintain its health and radiance.

That extra mile

For us sustainability goes beyond ingredients and packaging choices. We've implemented an innovative cold-mixing technology for our award-winning sunscreen. We significantly reduce energy usage by eliminating the need to heat the ingredients up to 80°C. In this way we can also preserve the integrity of the components, ensuring not only a more eco-conscious but also more effective skincare.

A thought from the founder

Mellow MUSES's journey began with my admiration for the incredible transformation we undergo during pregnancy. I created it to offer safe and effective skincare solutions for this very sensitive period of our life and become a trusted companion to expectant mothers.

Yet, it has resonated with women well beyond the realm of pregnancy. I'm excited to welcome you to a skincare experience like no other, where your well-being is our top priority!

XX, Bernadette