Feel understood inside and out

Pregnancy-safe skincare sounds like a compromise, but it does not have to be. Mellow MUSES provides the ultimate self-caring experience for your hormonally confused skin and soul.

We don’t underestimate your amplified senses and skin-to-skin experience with your baby. In the lack of an overwhelming scent or intensive colours, nuances go much more in the foreground. So we dedicated special attention to the finest details to embrace mindfulness and create that luxurious feeling each of us deserves. Especially when the most attention is taken by caring for your tiny baby in and out of the womb.

You’re taken on an opulent journey through every step of your new skincare routine.

Dive into the delicate details

One of the most important - and challenging - parts was to find the right balance between a good absorption rate, lasting nourishing feeling and immediate comfortable wear. The valuable feedback of our muses - moms and moms-to-be - were guiding us to these sweet spots. 

For the ultimate skincare experience, we created different textures to feel in your hands and on your skin. They leave a velvety, powdery, or silky skin, with a dewy, matt, or satin-matte finish.

Muses also cherish the pleasure of a comforting scent. We selected one of the world's most liked and least sensitizing natural extracts - our creamy mild vanilla is elegantly complementing the accords of our organic oils and extracts.

On top of all these, we loaded our bottles with a lot of warmth and empathy. 

We encourage you to give yourself some me-time and indulge with the delicate details of the muse-experience.